Some parts of Manhattan can transport you to another time and place - Stone Street is one of those places. In the summer it's packed with crowds trying to get a seat at one of the many Italian restaurants that line the sidewalks - but if you stroll between seasons, you'll find yourself within a quaint village scene. The cobblestones and storefronts look out of place in an overpacked city but they complement any street style adventurer. 

We love the idea of a New York bride turning her surroundings into something magical. Photographer Craig Paulson took our bride on a European adventure with her Yolan Cris gowns - each one chosen by her stylist Through The Veil - one for the reception and the other for the ceremony. She's wearing Maria Elena earrings with subtle smoky makeup curated by Stacie Ford Weddings. Styles on B gave her red locks a soft wave and let them loose behind her ears. Floral designer 5th Avenue Weddings created a few beautiful bouquets for our shoot - each one giving her gowns a brand new breath.

[Photos by Craig Paulson Studio]