Cyndi Lauper Checks Out "Skin Fruit" At New Museum

by Chiara Atik · March 3, 2010

[All photos by David X Prutting for PMc]

Skin Fruit, the first US exhibition of the Dakis Joannou Collection and curated by Jeff Koons, opened at New Museum last night. Cyndi Lauper, The Edge, Michael Stipe, David La Chapelle, Terrence Koh, and Pierce Brosnan (I guess he likes art?) all headed down to the Bowery to check out the show, which is featured around the idea of the human body and original sin.-

This is Mr.Koons' first time curating a show, and his name alone is sure to draw big crowds for  the two year old museum. New Museum favorite Urs Fischer was of course on hand for the celebrations, as was Francesco Bonami, clearly taking a break from his Biennial uptown.

Some of the highlights of the exhibition? A sculpture of early homo sapiens, resembling the famous pair at the Museum of Natural History, and the sculpture of the blacksploitation-era Cyndi Lauper is checking out in the picture above.

After the opening, guests headed up to the Bowery Hotel for an afterparty.

Leon Faulk, Keely Shaye Smith, Pierce Brosnan

David LaChapelle, Paige Powell         Stacy Engman

Michael Stipe, Cyndi Lauper

Javier Peres, Terence Koh Bec Stupak, Malcolm Stuart

Jeff Koons, Dakis Joannou, David LaChapelle

Tony Shafrazi, Peter Brant, Dakis Joannou, Alberto Mugrabi, Jeff Koons, Urs Fischer, Mats Nordman

Damaris Drummond    Joanna Kulczyk, Kim Heirston Evans, Tasha Siekowska