Emily Giffin's Latest Book Launch At The Royalton

by Chiara Atik · May 14, 2010

[All photos by Eric Westpheling] On Wednesday night, best-selling author Emily Giffin, whose hit book "Something Borrowed" will soon become a film starring Ginnifer Goodwin, celebrated the launch of her latest book, The Heart Of The Matter, with a party at The Royalton.-

Attending the party were Ashley Williams and Colin Egglesfield, who will appear in "Something Borrowed" along with Kate Hudson and John Krasinski. At the party, guests were able to speak with the Atlanta-based Giffin, as well as help themselves to the mountains of cupcakes set out on the tables.

The Heart Of The Matter tells the story of two mothers whose lives are forever intertwined when the son of one mother is injured in a fire.