"Me And Orson Welles" Screening And After Party

by ERIC UGLAND · November 24, 2009

Claire Danes, Richard Linklater, Zac Efron, Christian McCay [All Photos by NEIL RASMUS for PMc] Mondays can be difficult, but this Monday had an extra hearty dash of glitz and glamor sprinkled on it when The Cinema Society, Screenvision and Brooks Brothers screened Zac Efron's new film, "Me and Orson Welles."


The screening took place in Chelsea last night, at the Clearview Chelsea cinemas, and was attended by a healthy dose of celebrity, but the real star wasn't Mr. Efron, it was the afterparty at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

There, Efron was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women, including co-star Claire Danes, model Amber Rose, Precious lead Gabourey Sidibe, socialite/model Lydia Hearst and "Spring Awakening" composer Duncan Sheik, who isn't a woman, but looks beautiful nonetheless with his long stunning midnight locks.

Claire Danes, Zac Efron Amber Rose Claire Danes, Zac Efron, Amber Rose

Huch Dancy, Claire Danes Lydia Hearst Hugh Dancy, Claire Danes, Lydia Hearst

Mike Chico, Zac Efron, Andy Blacker Mike Chico, Zac Efron, Andy Blacker

Nika Lauraitis, Jacqueline Jablonski Madeline Martin Nika Lauraitis, Jacqueline Jablonski, Madeline Martin

Ben Shenkman Frederique Van Der Wal Ben Shenkman,  Frederique Van Der Wal

Gabourey Sidibe, Zac Efron Gabourey Sidibe, Zac Efron

Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy Zac Efron, Amber Rose Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy, Zac Efron, Amber Rose

Duncan Sheik Zoe Kazan Duncan Sheik, Zoe Kazan

Andy Blacker, Gabourey Sidibe, Matthew Kearney Andy Blacker, Gabourey Sidibe, Matthew Kearney

Lydia Hearst Aasif Mandvi Lydia Hearst, Aasif Mandvi