This weekend, The New York Times posted a story in their Sunday Styles section on the hipsterization of Montauk. Titled "Noted: Montauk's Hipster Fatigue" it's url title tag reads: "Montauk Feels the Effects of Too Many Hipsters." Guest of a Guest even got a shout out (for coining the term "Hampsters" two years ago - get it? Hipsters + Hamptons). We've been on to this local phenomenon for several seasons out east (see "Your Official Guide To Becoming A Hampster," and, "Montaukburg: Topless Hipsters, Taxidermy, Just Some Of The Trends Williamsburg Is Bringing To Montauk"). The stuffed deer head proudly displayed (non-ironically) next to tanning oil on Ditch Plains beach last year signified we were close to reaching the zenith (or nadir?, depending on your perspective) of the hipster insanity. This Sunday Styles piece may just be the final fedora.

So, what's a regular Joe to do? We've spent the better part of the summer checking out Montauk's establishments for hipsters, and feel confident that we can provide a guide for where to go (or not go) to spot these hampsters. Check out our Fedora rating scale below...


0 Fedoras: The hampsters have never heard of the place, you're in the clear. You'll spot more baseball caps than fedoras.

1 Fedora: One or two hampsters may pass through the door, it's probable they got there by being lost on their way from the train to their hotel room.

2 Fedoras: You may meet a couple of hampters, but they're likely parents with small children.

3 Fedoras: On weekends, a group of hampters will sporadically frequent the place. They may be there in an effort to get a break from the 5 fedora hat sort of places they spend 90% of their time.

4 Fedoras: You will meet some non-hampsters here, but they will be the minority.

5 Fedoras: You are at the hampster mecca center.

BONUS: THE INSTAGRAM CRED TEST: Another way to easily tell if your next dinner destination is a hipster or hampster haven? Check and see if it is rift with instagram photos. Every hipster loves showing off how cool they are, chances are if the place you are going to has more than 100 geo tagged photos on instagram, you are in deep hampster territory. We've made it easy for you and included each places tagged Instagram in the slide show.