Shelter Island

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 12, 2008

    shelter-islandI will always hold a special place in my heart for Shelter Island...the site of so many meetings of friends.  Most of the friends I have met on Shelter Island I still hold dear to my heart, it's hard to let go of someone that has shared such a unique secret with you.  Sadly, I have YET to venture onto this magical island, secluded off from the rest of the Hamptons, this summer.  Thankfully, this weekend, I have a very important birthday party to attend at Sunset Beach and will be back on my most loved island.  In preparation for the event, I caught up on my Shelter Island history HERE.

    It's interesting to point out that the island was bought from it's first European settlers in 1651 for 1,600 barrels of sugar by brothers Nathaniel and Constant Sylvester.  I think the going rate for land on the island these days is a tad higher....

    [Sunset Beach]