A Very Discreet Oscar Soiree At Harvard & Stone

by Emily Green · February 28, 2011

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    During a weekend packed with fancy parties of star-studded crowds at all the poshest places in town, how do you make one stand apart from the rest and seem cool by comparison? A few ways are to ditch the requisite step and repeat and grant entry to guests with a secret password, and throw in some unexpected surprises, like the Kindred Spirits "A Very Discreet Oscar Soiree" had on Saturday night.

    Hosts Ana Calerdon, Reza Fahim and our friend Myles Hendrik threw the pre-Oscar soiree at the Houston brother's newly reopened Harvard & Stone, which is looking great since its post-Stone Bar makeover. We're thinking it was probably the most un-Hollywood of the weekend Oscar events, filled with the gutter-chic set that looked like it spends most time east of La Brea. The crowd danced and drank into the wee hours to the tunes of Hendrik covering the decks.

    But about those surprises... not a major shock since he's known to spin around town, but we do like to see how Elijah's moved on since the Shire.

    Elijah Wood Elijah Wood

    Myles Hendrik, Elijah Wood Myles Hendrik, Elijah Wood

    Also, do you recognize this face? Taylor Hanson Taylor Hanson

    Mmmbop, you do!

    And lastly, a vital part of our history and relic of the past...

    Yes kids, that is cell phone from the 80s. Before iPhones and BlackBerries, people used these and although it's probably older than some of you reading this now, don't ever deny your roots.