"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Less Than 24hrs After NYC Ganja Arrest, Robin Thicke Opens Lily Bar & Lounge In Vegas

by Alex Gilman · February 21, 2012

Let's say you're Robin Thicke, noted Canadian songwriter and musician and improbable frequent Lil' Wayne collaborator. You've recently made some questionable headlines for getting arrested for smoking weed in NYC, which, if you've ever been to NYC, is really, really hard to do. You have two choices: either stop smoking weed (and eff that, am I right?), or go to a place where you'd probably have to ask the Chief of Police to block the wind while you roast a J in order to get arrested. As you can probably guess, Robin chose option B, and spent the weekend in Vegas celebrating the opening of the Lily Bar & Lounge (and playing an impromptu mini-set) inside the Bellagio alongside other notables like Alexandra Richards, Rick Fox, Eliza Dushku, Whitney Port, and more.

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