"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Cobrasnake's Spin The Bottle Party

by SARAH MANDATO · June 30, 2009

    [Photos via Cobrasnake]. Oh spin the bottle. Back when life was simple. The game is no longer just a source of nostalgia. It now doubles as the namesake for what is turning into a popular Monday (aggressive kids, aggressive) party at the Roxy in Los Angeles, co-sponsored by the man-behind-the-camera himself with Vitamin Water Sync and T-Mobile Sidekick. The all-ages affair isn't for the nerds, drawing big names such as Steve Aoki and DJ A.M. into the legendary club to entertain the kiddies.

    Starting early? Possibly. But we're pretty sure there's a looooot more trouble these kids could be getting into, instead. Plenty of time for that as well, I suppose...