Cooper Ray celebrates "Social Primer" Holiday Pop-Up Shop

by MATHIAS ROSENZWEIG · December 3, 2009

    Christos Garkinos, Darren Gold, Cooper Ray Last night, Social Primer writer Cooper Ray attempted to bring out some of Los Angeles' classiest, bow tie sporting men to celebrate his pop-up shop at Alpha Gear for Gents. -

    [All photos by Andreas Branch for PMc]. As you may remember, men's etiquette enthusiast Cooper Ray previously held a similar celebration in NYC. Last night's soiree applauded the website's retail component, which sells items such as vintage books, antiques, belts, and of course, bow ties. Guests of the event in West Hollywood included Craig Cardon, Colete Shelton, Michael Carmona, Darren Gold, Michael Landis, Vincent Boucher, and Christos Garkinos. The shop will remain open until December 31st.

    Alexandra Oppman Malloy, Cooper Ray Craig Cardon, Schell Cardon Alexandra Oppman Malloy, Cooper Ray, Craig Cardon, Schell Cardon

    Cooper Ray, Allison Bloomingfield, Collette Shelton Deborah Harper, Mark Sourian Cooper Ray, Allison Bloomingfield, Colette Shelton, Deborah Harper, Mark Sourian

    Eric Rosen, Matt HellerCooper Ray, Robert F. Bryan Eric Rosen, Matt Heller, Cooper Ray, Robert F. Bryan

    Keenan Kener, Robert F Bryan Michael Carmona, Darren Gold Keenan Kener, Robert F Bryan, Michael Landis, John Gatins

    Nick Beni, Collette Shelton Vincent Boucher, Christos Garkinos Nick Beni, Collette Shelton, Vincent Boucher, Christos Garkinos