Supper Club Bachelor's Kitchen BiCoastal Event

by Chiara Atik · January 11, 2010

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    Daily Candy founder Dany Levy hosted Supper Club's Bachelor's Kitchen party in her Hollywood Hills home last Thursday, in celebration of the launch of The Dish's Dish... inviting forty guests to come  opened up her Hollywood Hills home to forty guests and a few talented chefs. Guests enjoyed canapes, dairy-free vegetable lasanga, polenta fries, and "Supper Club Delight" cocktails made up of VeeV, ginger, and lemon, while mingling around the pool, because it's Los Angeles and 70 degrees outside instead of 2.

    We've got three and a half months until we get 70 degree weather, but the wait for a similar event is much shorter. This Supper Club dinner is bi-coastal, and will be replicated right here in our frigid city on January 28th.