Premiere Of Valentine's Day, The Romantic Comedy To End All Romantic Comedies

by Chiara Atik · February 9, 2010

    Will we ever need another romantic comedy after this one? After all, "Valentine's Day" seems to incorporate every possible cliche about love, using every possible "romantic comedy" actor or actress. Nevertheless, the stars of the film, oblivious to the fact that they may have ushered in the end of a genre, were out in full force last night in perhaps the schmaltziest of Hollywood premieres in a long time...-

    Because the film is about Valentine's Day and Love, the creative party planners behind the After Party had the ingenious idea of decorating the entire venue in pink. Pink lighting, a pink tent, pink upholstery on the chairs, and even heart shaped spotlights decorating the floor. Barbie would take one look at this tent and say "Oh, guys, too much. Too much."

    The party venue clashed somewhat with Jessica Biel's otherwise lovely dress (seriously, what stylist would send her to this premiere in pink?) Jennifer Garner and Demi Moore fared much better against the Pepto background, in black and white, respectively. Jessica Alba, in green, walked the red carpet with her husband Cash Warren.

    Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts made their aunt-niece Red Carpet debut and were adorable, vaguely looking alike as they posed with Shirley Maclaine.

    Also on the red carpet were creepy couple Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane, who haven't quite managed to erase memories of their little drug-binge video. Taylor Lautner and Bradley Cooper walked the red carpet solo, as did Anne Hathaway, who celebrated being back in warm weather after her snowy drive through Boston by wearing a mini dress.

    Jessica Biel

    Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Garry Marshall

    Bradley Cooper                                     Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore

    Jennifer Garner                            Shirley Maclaine, Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts

    Shirley Maclaine, Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts

    Anne Hathaway

    Taylor Lautner                                 Jewel

    Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart

    Jessica Alba                                 Jamie Foxx

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