West Coast Envy, The Adidas House Party

by Rachelle Hruska · May 15, 2009

    [Skateboarding inside house. No big deal. Photos via The Cobrasnake] After checking out the 100 things to try in L.A. before you die, I was inspired to check out The Cobrasnake. This party is the one I found. Titled "Wildnight" it looks more fun than any single party I've been to in NY (or ever). I have a little West coast envy today.  Thank god we are heading to La Esquina for lunch right now. That will take care of that feeling pretty quickly. Back to the party. It was another Adidas house party-officially the hippest sneaker of '09. Oh, and if you thought Brooklyn bred hipsters...check out their west coast counterparts!

    More photos below...