The Hotcakes Continue To Sizzle At Mercury Lounge

by Eliza K. Johnston · January 31, 2011

    New York locals The Hotcakes dazzled at their first show of 2011 on Friday at Mercury Lounge. Here's how they rocked out with glitz, sweat, and screams.

    Singer Erin Marsz was decked out in her signature glittery apparel as the rest of the band complemented her in debonair suits and ties. Fusing elements of jazz and soul into their fundamental classic pop rock sound, The Hotcakes sung tales of forlorn romance adorned with science fiction narratives of secret government agents, paranormal activity, and robots.

    Never letting the attention shift away from her, Marsz sporadically pranced into the audience and spent some time horizontal. Whether she was vertical or not, her animated gestures, Debbie Harry hair, and sequined cocktail dress were enticing to all.

    Keyboardist Matt Stamm produces captivating tunes that get the audience grooving.

    Bassist Kevin Snider stays invested purely in the music.

    Click HERE for more photos of The Hotcakes by Donald Lee.