How long has The Feelist been in the works? What inspired you to enter the beauty/self-care market?

I have been working on this project for over two years. I really first became interested in the world of clean beauty over 5 years ago when I started developing sensitivities to many of the products I was using. My position in the industry has allowed me to try nearly every product, treatment and beauty/health offering under the sun. There was a time I had a morning beauty routine of probably 30+ products. I used to think the more expensive a product was, and the more intimidating sounding ingredients it had - the better it was. The more I started to research and learn about skincare, the more I realized how far off that thinking was. What I learned throughout this whole process, and what it took to get my skin back to a good place is that 1) sometimes less is more and 2) nature is incredibly powerful.

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