What's Going On With Gigi Hadid's Belly Button?

by guestofaguest · May 19, 2016

    We're as body loving, shape celebrating, you do you, girl as the next person. But a most unfortunate reality has so touched us as of late, we can no longer lay silent.

    Gigi Hadid. It Girl du jour. Burger lover. Instagram person. As surprising as that double take of a low register voice she's got going on (because, like, what?!) is her most prominently displayed feature.

    Upon close inspection of Miss Hadid's latest street style shoot (you know, how when a model walks outside, regular clothes become street style), we were punched in the face by her face squishing, eyebrow raising situation of a belly button. Literally, punched in the face.

    Now, once again. DO YOU GIRL. And that being said, we're going to do us. Which is to say that we're going to broadcast a public service announcement to this undiscussed topic, and the judgement you're now secretly making as well as you press your face to your screen, and open a new page to google some new images to investigate SVU style. 

    Still. Crop top worthy abs. Burka worthy belly button. If that's not worth some kind of 5K race, or telethon, then really, what is?

    [Photos via @Smith1Kaylee, @HannahWMcKinley]