GofG Ronaldo Photos Spark Worldwide Toenail-Gate

by NATASHA STORER · July 12, 2010

    Last Monday we revealed exclusive photos of Cristiano Ronaldo at SoHo House on July 4th. We knew everyone would be interested to see Ronaldo was in town, what we did not expect however, was the controversy to come about due to Ronaldo's toenails!


    Comments on our original post started the toe-nail conversation in earnest.

    Maybe it's just a week for nail polish related news, with Lindsay Lohan's colorful swirly F**k You nails (as worn in court, showing us all the smart respectful girl she is) providing headline fodder on Wednesday.

    While heated debate continues with toenail-gate, everyone seems to have forgotten about another hot superstar soccer stud who was embroiled in nail polish controversy a few years back when spotted wearing some pretty pink polish. Yes, Ronaldo's metrosexual mentor: David Beckham.

    Ronaldo looks to be emulating his hero once more. Aside from the fact both players are famously in touch with their feminine side, what with the polish fetish, chest waxing and underwear advertisements, they both also played for Manchester United and later Real Madrid, both wear a number 7 jersey and of course both are ridiculously good looking! -


    Becks prefers to be Pretty-In-Pink when it comes to his nails

    Ronaldo prefers his polish in goth black, to match his skimpy black Speedos and black watch


    [Photo 1 of Ronaldo Via]

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