Daily Style Phile: Sean Hughes, The New Owner Of The Eldridge Space

by M.J. Koury · March 18, 2011

    Sean Hughes, apparently a broker for Town Real Estate, just bought out Matt Levine's famously ambitious and exclusive Eldridge. Everyone's asking questions about this new name on the New York nightlife scene without getting many answers, but we found the inside scoop.


    Hometown: New Jersey, some years spent in Milan.

    Current Residence: New York City, 10 years.

    Education: Stella Adler Conservatory.

    Official Title: Representative, Licensed Sales Person for Town Residential

    Volunteer Work: St. Vincent's Hospital, pediatric unit. Bellevue Hospital, Reach Out and Read.

    The Mystery Deepens:

    Apparently Hughes is a former model and actor. There's no Internet evidence of this, but his profile touts that his experience in these industries has sharpened his salesman skills to a higher level.

    Sean Hughes, Male Model???

    [Via Town Residential]

    The Story:

    Matt Levine talked a big talk when he opened his 1200 square foot nightclub The Eldridge, where security guards were "chaperones," the waitresses were "table attendants," and the bartenders were "butlers." The place wasn't open on the weekends because anyone who was worth entering the club would be in the Hamptons and despite all the press Levine generated for the club, no one was invited in if he didn't deem them VIP enough.

    What Happened:

    No one is sure. Levine swears the place didn't run out of business, but judging by the speed and nature of the transaction, all signs point to a failed club. What we do know is that this Sean Hughes bought the place for $300,000, apparently much less than Levine would like anyone to know about for his millionaire hangout.

    It looked like the party was going so well...

    What's Going to Happen:

    Hughes told the NYP last week,

    "We want the place to be more inclusive - instead of creating a super, super hip place where people pay ultra high prices for bottle service."

    So much for laser engraved VIP -entry cards. Hughes wants the new place open by May. He's going to find the right restaurants to do food delivery and has plans to rename the spot.

    [Images via: town real estate, NYP, DJkalkutta]