Emily Brill (Essentiall7) Makes Her HBO Debut! Fake Dancing Is How She Makes It In America!

by Chiara Atik · February 10, 2010

    Have you checked out the new HBO show, "How To Make It In America"? The show premiered last night with a star-studded party at the Bowery Hotel (post to follow), but one very important cast member was missing...Emily Brill!

    The aspiring actress/daughter of media mogul Steven Brill/ex- bff to social fameball Devorah Rose, appears in the 12:08 minute mark as an extra. Why would Brill be doing extra work? It's boring, thankless work that requires you to wait around all day for like, 10 seconds of screen time. Mostly, it's a way for struggling actors to make a buck. Is Brill trying to break into the business? Or does she just have nothing better to do with her time than spend 12 hours on a set just...for fun?

    Either way, Brill's performance is definitely one to check out. Usually they film these things silently and then add the music in post, so it can be awkward to fake dance, but I think Brill pulls it off with aplomb, and only sneaks a glance at the camera/lead characters once! Way to go, Brill, I think you've found your calling!

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