Emily Brill Ponders The Recession, And The Trumps

by Rachelle Hruska · December 10, 2008

    It's Emily "The Eldridge" Brill Day! Yes that's right, she posted.  Finally.  Trying her hand at "stream of consciousness" writing; Emily, in a post titled 212 Recession Reflections finds herself pondering life's little mysteries surrounding the CHANGE we are going through, err at least some of us are going through.  Yes, she leaves us all with questions, (um just what is a "Delivery!" status on Facebook, and what exactly is the "Right kind of tough" mean to her?); but getting past that, we are just happy that she's posting at all so that we can read a whole new set of comments, including one left by her that highlights her envy of Ivanka Trump:

    "Teehee, I know stuff that you don’t know, I know stuff that you don’t know…here’s another example. Last week at this party for Ivanka’s boutique on Madison in the 60s (mostly industry attended–it was early and small-scale), some publicist (HL?) admitted that plans to open other locations were on hold. They’re not selling anything. I’ve never walked by and seen anyone except tourists inside. But maybe the new climate will push “team ivanka” (that’s what was inscribed on the gift cards of the gift bags which contained cookies) to change the business model.I’ve never set foot in that store. Most of the people I know haven’t. “Overpriced and tacky” is the consensus (and it’s why people pick up the pace as they walk by it) from the UES. Or at least it’s what people whisper but, of course, will not say out loud. She’d probably be better off online and/or joining up with a chain, but she wants to brand herself on Madison Avenue. In the 60s. And I guess I don’t begrudge her for that. But it’s not working…She’s not Asprey. And in case anyone hasn’t noticed, Asprey’s got problems of its own.E"