Where In The World Is Emily Brill? a. The Hamptons b. Bedford c. Mediaite d. Devorah's Closet

by Rachelle Hruska · July 10, 2009

    Emily Brill, Devorah Rose [Emily Brill and Devorah Rose at last year's Socialite Magazine Party in the Hamptons. Photo by PMc]

    I'll admit, I totally forgot about Emily Brill. It makes me think I have too much on my plate. Because, let's face it, Ms. Brill was what kept our office alive during those slow news days last summer. 2pm would roll around, and just when we were ready to plop our heads down for a nap, Emily would post a video belting out a song from Disney on I-27, Devorah Rose by her side, and Princess Buttercup hanging out the window, happier than Adrien Field the day he met Mary Rambin.

    Then I get this Tweet from Gregory Littley today:

    littleylittleyEmily Brill was obsessed /in love w/ Dan Abrams, who called her a few times did she run off 2 join him @mediaite @rachellehruska ???

    And the memories come flooding back to me....

    Of course! Emily Brill must be working at Mediaite! Mediaite, Dan Abram's new pet project which also includes a certain Rachel Sklar, Glynnis MacNicol, and Andrew Cedotal; is after all getting loads of attention, and Emily Brill is thicker than thieves with Dan Abrams right? After daddy pulled the plug on the best thing that has every happened to us, (EssentiallyEmily.com- god parents can be such drags), he knew he could count on Dan to hire his daughter and legitimize her right? (Dan Abrams did, afterall get his first job at daddy Steven Brill's CourtTV).


    Official word from Mediaite today: Brill is not part of the team. So where essentially is Emily?  Well, if her new email address is any indicator, she seems to be working on Daddy Brill's new venture, Journalism Online, which is set to save the entire media industry-woohoo! (Read how HERE). Not only that, it's going to be the key piece necessary to put an end to that horrible slave labor that is going on by bloggers everywhere! We are all so lucky that Steven Brill is coming in to save us, aren't we?!

    Now the real question is this: how much would you pay for Essentially Emily content? Littley- wanna weigh in?

    Oh....we're just having some fun. From the unanswered emails, the deleted Facebook account, and the seriously regulated Twitter account, Emily really seems to be taking herself seriously these days. Add in the fact that she hasn't been in a PMc photo since last December (though she was spotted at a Blip.tv party last month with dog in tow), and we are almost ready to believe that Emily is a "serious" journalist now. Almost.

    The thought of this is just not as entertaining for us, especially on a Friday afternoon.  So, let's just take a peek down memory lane shall we?

    Emily---we miss you!

    Emily Brill

    Emily during blissful times as just a society blogger.

    Emily Brill, Devora Rose, Briana SwansonEmma Snowdon Jones, Emily Brill

    She hit up all the fab parties...

    Emily Brill

    ...always with sunglasses in tow. 070 Celebrates KERRY CASSIDY'S Birthday and Rebecca Taylor Spring 09' 9/11/2008

    Emily Brill, Tia WalkerTia Walker, Alex McCord, Devorah Rose, Emily Brill

    And was another regular face in the Hamptons...

    Emily Brill, Susan Shin

    She was even getting invited to dinners with Susan Shin!

    Emily Brill, Micah Jesse

    Back in the day when matching actually mattered...

    Emily Brill, Devorah Rose

    Emily and Devorah, Best Friends Forever For Summer '08

    Devorah Rose, Emily Brill