Facebook Status Report

by Rachelle Hruska · July 2, 2008

    mia jonesMia Jones is happy that Louis Vuitton won their case against Ebay for selling fakes, imitations suck! 26 minutes ago

    Paul Johnson CauldronPaul Johnson Calderon look, junior plastics! Updated via Facebook Mobile 2 hours ago

    - nell reboweNell Rebowe might be moving to London...hmmm??? 3 hours ago -

    Peter DavisPeter Davis is having a chic dinner with mrs. tependris, the top socialite on the planet. google her. 3 hours ago -

    Steve KasubaSteve Kasuba is GoldBar tonight. 5 hours ago


    Leven RambinLeven Rambin is procrasturbating. 5 hours ago

    - wass stevensWass Stevens is shocked how few people on FB are able to negotiate the "is" thing on status updates... or spell for that matter.... Just an observation. Updated via Facebook Mobile 8 hours ago

    Rich ThomasRichard D. Thomas is looking forward to Miss Elliot's birthday party at MARQUEE tonight. 10 hours ago