Bring The Models To NYC Fashion!

by AMANDA MELILLO · June 12, 2008

    Gisele BundchenIt's almost like telling aspiring American models they're not hot enough. Representative Anthony Weiner has introduced a bill that would open up 1,000 new visa slots for foreign models—and this is what our Congress will be spending their time debating. I'm guessing national sentiments about, say, American-made gas-guzzling SUVs versus foreign fuel-efficient vehicles will NOT extent to Gisele.

    Representative Weiner said it's all about creating jobs, especially jobs that will help drive the New York fashion industry, he says: From Fashion Week to our vibrant publishing industry to the many designers that call New York City home, fashion is a vital part of our economy that drives thousands of jobs.

    True. Even if you bring in foreign models, you are feeding the advertisers, editors, writers and bloggers that need them, and maybe even fueling some extra purchases of high-end couture (maybe). And Rep. Weiner, who may be a potential mayoral candidate after Bloomberg leaves office, may have noticed where helping the fashion industry gets you politically (an award from the Fashion Council!) But I do wonder how acquaintances who were denied visas to work on a pre-fall Wall Street and had to be transferred to overseas offices would know that you're more likely to get to work in this country if you wear a size 00 at 5'10" and have killer cheekbones.

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