Get Your Hipster Robot Dance On With Dan Deacon

by LAUREN BELSKI · February 9, 2008

    Dan Deacon

    Sometimes we all crave the weirdness. Especially Friday afternoon when we’re moments away from a weekend, a time when the screechy tone of our coworker as she talks to her ten year-old on her cell phone doesn’t seep past the non-sound-proof walls of our cubical. I’m thinking about going weird tonight. If you’re feeling the same, I suggest buying some of those Granny glasses at Duane Reade, messing your hair up, and turning your work shirt inside out (that’s your fake Art School costume), then going to the Whitney. It’s pay-what-you-wish night and Dan Deacon is performing some of his Casio sounds for the hipster, robot-dance-loving crowd. You might like it. Especially if you get drunk first. Just don’t knock anything over. This is fine art.