Help Children By Drinking Cristal And Partying At Marquee

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · February 13, 2008

    champagneBeing single in New York is difficult. Everyone knows that. One thing that isn’t difficult, however, is finding singles events in New York. My favorite innovation: singles charity events for young professionals, held at city hot spots. In October, I attended a singles' fundraising event for the Jewish National Fund at Home. Tonight I plan to attend something similar at Marquee for Love Our Children USA. I am ashamed of my hollow generosity, but consoled by the fact that I am doing good, even if I am doing it in an overtly self-serving way. Can the desperation of urban yuppies really be channeled into charitable success? You bet cha it can! The Singles Charity Ball held in San Francisco on March 24, 2007 for Seva Foundation’s sight program is a great example. According to one account, the event raised $11,000 -- enough to restore sight to over 200 of this country’s blind.So there’s one reason why singles like me shouldn’t be ashamed. Some criticize the charity trend, calling it “philanthrotainment”and “malltruism;” I, however, respectfully disagree. Sure, it would be great if people lived by the spirit, as well as the letter, of charitable giving. In the absence of altruism, however, the current state of affairs isn’t a bad runner-up. As de Toqueville put it (although, admittedly, the context was a little different), this is “self-interest properly understood.” Given the multitude of ways that our base desires are manipulated daily, I can think of no better cause than the public good. So I say, go to it single New Yorkers! Attend these events with reckless abandon! Throw on those Loubies and go help some people! Not only are these functions kind of fabulous, but even if you have a miserable time and come nowhere close to hitting relationship gold, you can never say that the night was a waste.