In Case You've Forgotten About The Spitzer Scandal...

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · March 12, 2008

    pimpin aint easy shirt

    ...There's now a T-shirt. Actually, there are quite a few T-shirts. Web-based companies cafepress and Zazzle now offer a myriad of designs mocking our humbled governor. While cafepress carries less inspired designs, like those indicating whether the wearer will or will not swallow for Spitzer, Zazzle brings some more creativity to the table. My favorite features a picture of Sptiz, hands together, surrounded by "Pimpin Ain't Easy" in the expected, bold-faced, old English font. So, if you're feeling extra class-less or if you're planning on traveling to a locale where people appreciate funny T-shirts, $14.95 + S&H can buy you a timely fashion faux-paux, not to mention the envy of your fashion-backward/sideways friends.