STAUNCH! Welcomes You To The Wacky World Of Grey Gardens Fans, And Then Some

by MELLISSA SEECHARAN · June 15, 2009

    Laura Coxson, Anne Koch[Laura Coxson, Anne Koch, Whiskers of Grey Gardens. Photos by JONATHAN ZIEGLER for PMc] It's no secret that Little and Big Edie were a little, um well, eccentric, and apparently, so are their fans. It was a Grey Gardens extravaganza this weekend as STAUNCH!, a tribute to the documentary film, took over the Maysles Cinema on Malcom X Blvd (a long way from the Hamptons). Fans enjoyed panels with the film's directors, walk throughs of Little and Big Edie's recreated bedrooms, prizes, and even a caberet show. Now, we're not exactly sure who these fans are, but judging from the photos, Trekkers better watch out.

    Sadly we don't know what's going on in these photos, so as the Latin saying goes "res ipsa loquitur."

    Albert Maysles, Anne Koch, Ryan Compton, Scott Hug, Robert Sumrell Albert Maysles, Anne Koch, Ryan Compton, Scott Hug, Robert Sumrell

    Bambi the Mermaid, Anne KochBuster the Raccoon Bambi the Mermaid, Anne Koch, Buster the Raccoon

    Laura Coxson, Anne Koch, Whiskers of Grey Gardens

    Sara Maysles, Linda Simpson,Austin Kilham, Fran Agnone Sara Maysles, Linda Simpson, Austin Kilham, Fran Agnone

    A stuffed cat

    Jessica GreenClams Casino Jessica Green, Clams Casino


    Albert MayslesLinda Simpson, Bambi the Mermaid Albert Maysles, Linda Simpson, Bambi the Mermaid

    Chequamegon Bollinger, Ben Brunnemer Chequamegon Bollinger, Ben Brunnemer

    Clams Casino Clams Casino