What was your first job in the industry like? Anna, we know yours was at Guest of a Guest!

AnnaIt was! Rachelle taught me something I carry with me everyday. I was writing an article about newly designed cabs that were set to hit the city (yes, this was way before Uber). I referenced another article, but only skimmed through the piece. BIG MISTAKE. I missed key facts and some information I referenced was inaccurate. 

At that point, Rachelle explained the importance of creating quality content over quantity. Such a silly thing, but whenever I have a tendency to get excited or feel pressure to produce quickly, I take deep breath and remember that moment. When it comes to day-to-day tasks, nothing bad can come from taking a moment and not acting off impulse.

Landon: My first job in the industry was working with Philippe Starck in the LA office. I assisted with design and development of the hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. But really even my summer jobs were in hospitality. During college I was a cart girl at a golf course, then I work for an interior designer on Sea Island and then in Telluride. I grew up in a resort so it’s just what I know.

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