Andew Kass, Abeline Cohen, Sean VegezziIn the ever-expanding art world of NYC, collectors and casual observers alike are always seeking the newest talent. That's why we were so excited when burgeoning artists Sean Vegezzi, Andrew Kass, and Abeline Cohen curated their first exhibit, "15 Warren," giving both fresh-faced and established artists 2 weeks to create an original piece outside of their usual medium. The opening night brought together over a thousand people from diverse backgrounds ("just to see a graffiti writer talking to someone that works for like the Chinati Foundation or something was like really fucking weird") who explored the pieces which remain anonymous. We stopped by "15 Warren" (which is also the Tribeca address) to discuss the exhibit, the unusual space, and the state of art with the young curators. Click through to see some of the artwork and check out the exhibit before it closes on January 11th!