You might find her in a cloud of colorful smoke shooting in the woods of suburban Moscow, assisting a film crew in a funeral house in Spain, capturing busy days under the rain in Japan, or snapping shots of distinctively striking models in the streets of New York City. This summer, you might even encounter her by the side of renowned photographer Danila Golovkin, or filming a documentary in the poor city of Murmansk, in the extreme northwest of Russia. She's visited around 80 countries and everywhere she goes, she brings her alien toy, a symbolic reminder that we are not alone. 

Russian photographer Olga Ush, a 19-year-old student at NYU, is constantly working on new projects that do not cease to dazzle. She told us about her wildest experiences. Combining art and fashion, Olga’s photography series are unique and charmingly peculiar. Her work, featured in Photo Vogue, Sticks and Stones Agency and multiple other publications, is poetic both in its composition and in the spontaneous ways in which she comes up with ideas. Sitting on the floor of her lovely Chelsea apartment, decorated Japanese-style, Olga reveals some of her sources of inspiration and lets us leaf through her picturesque notebooks, the pages of which are enlivened by faceless unsexed characters she has drawn. From recycling a themed party’s inflatable toys to coming across masks in costume stores, the modest and talented young photographer seems to absorb everything around her, yielding one alluring project after another.