My Christmas Present To Julia Allison And Emily Brillster

by Rachelle Hruska · December 2, 2008

    It's time to start putting together my gift list for the holidays.  After reflecting back on my two favorite lady bloggers, I was at my wits end when trying to think of what I would get them for Christmas, er Hannukah?  Anyway, I came across this Pink Keyboard for Blondes and Eureka!! I'm going to be like bff's for life after this.  From Like, Cool:

    [Thank God For Emily "The Eldridge" Brill and Julia "Lip Dub" Allison]

    "It is a all pink keyboard, blondes can even get special keys that type out "Yes! I Want It!" (For Enter), "Oops!" (Back Space), "Totally Useless Key" (Ctrl), "Way Up" and "Way Down" Page Up and Page Down), "OK" (keypad Enter), "NO!" (Esc). . And it is a fully functional and compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. 'With just a touch of a button this cool keyboard turns into the ultimate enternment machine. This beauty has brains!..."'