This Is Just Ridiculous....

by LAUREN BELSKI · April 22, 2008

    dumb [Picture via WPSA]

    For those of you whose political awareness has endured the media hay-day that the Clinton/Obama campaign will forever be remembered as, you know today is yet another important show down. And, despite my desire to relish in the return of Gossip Girl, seeing this post on Free Williamsburg, I couldn’t help but pass along this horrific picture of a sign put up out front of Jonesville Church of God by Pastor Roger Byrd. Of course, this is only my humble opinion, but this logic is so freaking backwards, that even if it wasn’t trying to espouse political fear, I’d question the credentials. I mean, that’s like pointing at a cat, and then picking up a top hat, scratching your head for a moment and then going, “Hummmmm…”. And don’t even get me started on hummm. It’s hmmmm. And Tinsley Mortimer and Scott Hinsley are not related either. Besides, that’s a FIRST name and a LAST name. Sigh.