Your Favorite NYC Restaurants Need Your Help

by Christie Grimm · March 20, 2020

    No industry has been left untouched by the Coronavirus outbreak. Small business owners everywhere are struggling to see how they can possibly survive a setback like this, especially not knowing how much longer it will last.

    In New York, the hospitality industry is what makes the city as fun, vibrant, delicious and welcoming as it is. And countless waiters, bartenders, dish washers, line cooks and more are now out of work, for an indefinite period of time. In an attempt to aid some of their staff's suffering, many restaurants have taken to setting up Go Fund Me pages to directly benefit their workers:


    Air’s Champagne Parlor

    Archer & Goat


    Bleecker Street Bar


    Brooklyn Cider House

    Building On Bond

    Buttermilk Channel

    Cafe Bilboquet

    Cafe Clover

    Casa Nela

    Clinton Street Baking Company

    Daniel Boulud

    Egg Shop


    French Louie

    Fish Cheeks


    Hole In The Wall

    Hotel Chantelle

    IGC Hospitality

    Jack's Wife Freda



    Le Bilboquet

    Molly's Cupcakes

    Niche Niche

    Penthouse / Profundo



    Root & Bone

    Sant Ambroeus

    Special Club

    The Garret

    The Happiest Hour

    The Riddler

    The Smith

    The Smile

    Tijuana Picnic

    Tokyo Record Bar

    Please send any additional listings or donation information to be added to those above to

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