Listen, I am not the world's most exciting person by any means, and certainly not when it comes to my nails. Once in a blue moon, when I actually go to get a manicure, I am that horribly lame person who chooses a clear coat polish. No color. And yes, I realize that either makes me the most boring person in the world, or a serial killer. And since I'm pretty sure Netflix has proven all serial killers are guys, you should assume the former.

And yet, faced with a shit ton of free time at home, and only so many podcasts to listen to and closets to organize, I have become desperate for a creative outlet. And I'm going to guess you have too. I'm also going to guess that unlike me, you're a normal person who actually enjoys having color on their nails already!

So, why not try a different nail art style every day? Work your way up the ladder of difficulty to creating a fingernail sized work of art? And with no one to see in real life, why not just pull a Howard Hughes and grow out your nails so long people think they're fake? All the more canvas to work with! Worst comes to worst just glue a bunch of rhinestones on!

Click through for some varying levels of inspiration - and DM us your best looks!

[Photo via @greece_nail_art]