Twitterific Tweets: High Society's First Reviews On Twitter, Also, XxPJC: Get To Bed!

by Rachelle Hruska · March 11, 2010

    @XxPJC:This is my goodnight lullaby:… Nighty night!! Xxxxxxx 7hours ago via web

    @shawnpmcd:@XxPJC isn’t it past your bedtime, mister? 7 hours ago


    @katiebakes Can't decide whether Jules Kirby is Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, or Naomi Campbell.

    Jason Kaplan, Tinsley Mortimer, Dabney Mercer@jasonkaplan: Yay our champaign popping after episode one! Cheers! @tinsleymortimer & @dabneymercer twitpic.

    @CarsonGriffith Oops confused #gossipgirl's Dreama Walker for Mara from OK Mag in the dark theater -- she didnt seem too happy about it

    @thecajunboy Oh God all of the people on this Tinsley Mortimer reality show should be sterilized, if not burned in a grease fire!

    @littleylittley @TinsleyMortimer Full circle moment: seeing you on your premiere night. Awesome! #HighSociety has begun...

    @kelleyhoffman - @xxPJC hello 2007 at bella's? So vintage! good luck tonight xoxo

    @arielilana GOOD LUCK tonight #HighSociety kids! @dabneymercer @tinsleymortimer @jem_touchdown @xxpjc @missdevorahrose @maliksochic (& @ButterNYC)!! xx about 2 hours ago via web