"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Bill Gates Parties At Sundance

by Chiara Atik · January 26, 2010

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has got moooves you've never seen! The Microsoft founder sponsored an after-hours party at Sundance for Bing.com, and started grooving to the music. A take down his dance moves below...-

Gates was in Sundance to attend the documentary "Waiting For Superman", meet with Robert Redford, and throw his own after-hours party at The House of Hype, where Gates got down, in his own, unique Bill Gates-y way.

Gates is an inspiration for tech nerds everywhere who assure themselves that dropping out of college is truly just the mark of a misunderstood genius, and that someday they will have enough money to buy the attention of pretty women who will be wowed by their savvy both in Silicon Valley AND the dance floor.

Until that day, better study the photos below, which are textbook examples of how geeky guys survive at dances, from Middle School to Sundance.

1. The "Check Your Watch"

What? No, he's not ACTUALLY checking his watch to see how much longer he has to stay until he can go watch SVU in bed with Melinda. It's a new DANCE move!

2. The Fist Pull

It's sort of like the fist pump, but you pull instead of pump. Oh, it's cool. Trust me.

3. The Clap

Sometimes it's nice to go for an easy move like bopping and clapping, so you can concentrate on staring at the guy who looks like Kid Rock.

4. The High Five

You want to dance with the cute blond, but aren't sure how to go about it. The High Five is great because it's a totally casual, inconspicuous way to start physical contact, like, "Whoa, this song is SO good, high five!" Even the nerdiest of nerds can pull it off.

6.  The Jackhammer

The Fist Bop requires more concentration than the fist pump, so you probably want to bite your lips like a serious dancer. Hold your hand in a fist directly in front of your chest as if holding onto an unruly jackhammer, and just sort of bop away!

7. The Lighter

Cool guys at concerts do it all the time, right? So easy, it's foolproof: Just hold out an IMAGINARY LIGHTER and sway. Don't even wait for a slow song, this move looks cool always.

[All images via thedailytruffle.com]