"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Harley Viera Newtown And Cassie Coane Turn Twenty-Two

by Chiara Atik · February 15, 2010

[All photos by Clint Spaulding for PMc]

There's just no getting around it: some people lead charmed lives. Take Harley Viera Newton: she's just your average part-time DJ,  Model, and Egyptology student at NYU. Except unlike most NYU students, Jared Leto, Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen showed up to her birthday party on Friday.-

Harley and her BFF, DJ Cassie Coane, threw a joint birthday party at Marquee, where they were feted and toasted by Kirsten Dunst, Lily Donaldson, Samantha Ronson, Jessica Stam, and Justin Bartha. Throughout the evening, the dancing was interrupted only by groups of waitresses, five at a time, parading through the dance floor with sparklers and champagne bottles hoisted above their heads. The Olsens drank champagne, and members of Kings of Leon chugged vodka, while guests in animal masks danced the night away.

Jared Leto                            Cassie Coane, Harley Viera Newton

Rio Smith, Aurel Schmidt, Alex Gartenfeld

Bryn Kenny, Bevin Kenny              Derek Blasberg, Alice Dellal

Wass Stevens

Charles Thorpe, Carson Griffith, Jared Eng Cory Kennedy, Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter

Lily Aldridge, Harley Viera Newton

Griffen Frazen, Andew Simkiss Hillary Lopes, Daniel Merriweather

Samantha Lim, Tarin Graham  Olivia Cuervo, Derek Hester