The Socialite Name Chart

by Chiara Atik · January 7, 2010

    Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Genevieve Jones, Valesca Guerrand Hermes, Lauren Santo Domingo, Tinsley Mortimer, Zani Gugelmann...if you want to take your seat next to these ladies next month at Fashion Week, you're going to have to get yourself a new name.-

    It's not just breeding (and social climbing) that sets these ladies apart; their delightfully unique and pedigreed names are a must for fitting in with the UES set, and let's face it, "JESSICA SMITH" doesn't look as good splashed across Page Six as "TINSLEY MORTIMER" does.

    If you think your name is too boring or weird, pick out a new one for yourself based on our list, using the first letter of your first and last name.

    For instance, The Guest of a Guest Team, transformed into WASP-y Socialites, would be:

    Editor In Chief: Rachelle Hruska Charlotte Santo Domingo Publisher: Cameron Winklevoss Champion Spencer Managing Editor: Sarah Mandato Georgina Casiraghi Associate Editor: Chiara Atik Tippy Darlington Advertising: James Brooks Stanton Gaffney Event Manager: Sarah Kunst Georgina Guinness Staff Writer: Billy Gray Chip Bancroft Editor At Large: Stanley Stuyvesant Stanley Stuyvesant

    Find  your Sociallite Name below, and you'll go from Deborah Denise Tractenberg to Devorah Rose in an instant!

    Letter      Female          Male                   Last Names

    A            Bee                Paul                     Darlington B            Blaine            Chip                    Gaffney C           Tippy             Champion            Pulitzer D           Madison        Tyler                    Kensington E            Lydia             Topper                 Buckley F            Lolly              Brooks                 Bronfman G            Blakeley        Preston                Bancroft H            Veronica       Spencer               Santo Domingo I             Mimosa         Thaddeus            Platt J             Muffy            Stanton               Hearst K            Plum             Heathcliff            Guinness L            Tinsley          Dexter                Astor M           Parker           Euan                    Casiraghi N           Dibby            Rufus                  Wilde O           Celerie          Julian                   van der Rohe P            Poppy           Andres                 Archer Q           Bettina          Campion               Vanderbilt R           Charlotte       Archie                   Roosevelt S           Georgina        Rupert                  Tisch T           Bitsy              Cooper                  Bouvier U           Serena           Anderson              Mercer V           Vivian           Tres                       Mortimer W          Evelyn           Brooklyn                 Spencer X           Caroline        Parker                     Rockefeller Y           Mercedes      Alston                     Remington Z           Daisy            Talbot                     Roitfeld

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