George Clinton And Sly Stone Funkify The Hero Ball

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 21, 2009

    Famed funk men George Clinton and Sly Stone ripped it up at the Hero Ball last night at the Time Warner Theater to honor our military and wounded soldiers.  True to form, there were more people and entourage on stage than most people knew what to make of (not to mention 4 guitarists).  At one point one of them hung a "Fuck George" banner, perhaps thinking a double entendre would be funny, but it was nothing short of poor taste given the audience.  It was quickly taken down...

    Sly was a welcome suprise, and when he came on the stage, he was going to play a keyboard, but he couldn't get it to work.  A tech guy worked on it for about 5 minutes, at which point Sly said "This shit don't work!".  He managed, nonetheless to get a working mic, and pumped out some good tunes.  Though both he and Clinton seemed to be fairly immobile and shall we say old?  But that certainly didn't take away from their enthusiasm, as they kept playing and playing until they were actually unplugged!  Rock on guys!