Guest Of A Guest Heads To Washington DC! Apply Today To Be On Staff!

by Rachelle Hruska · March 19, 2010

    Over the years, we have dabbled into the Washington D.C. "scene." From covering The White House Correspondent's Dinner, to Obama's most fetching staff member...there have been parties on the mall, and late night shots to keep our interest in the players of our Nation's capitol piqued from afar. And now, we have decided we are ready to officially join in the running for your online attention.

    "[Guest of a Guest] has come out of nowhere to serve as a social blueprint for growing numbers of young people in the city."

    -David Carr, New York Times

    We can't promise that we are going to have answers for our nation's health care reform plan, but we can promise to try and replicate the same social blueprint for the young taste makers of Washington D.C., from Georgetown to Capitol Hill, and everywhere else inside the beltway. To do this, we are going to need your help!

    We are going to be looking for talented writers and photographers, and an uber eager editor to lead them in Washington D.C.  If you fit the bill, shoot me an email at with "WASHINGTON" in the subject line, your resume, and why you are perfect for the position.

    Post Script: Washington D.C. has been on our radar for over a year. To say that we have recognized the obvious socialites-to-be pining for attention down there is an understatement. Because of geography, (or admittedly maybe the weather), we focused our energies on Los Angeles where we are hoping to continue to make some strides. However D.C. has always seemed like a beat to conquer correctly. And we are ready to dive in.

    The task seems a bit daunting given my limited knowledge of the politics of the social scene down there. That being said it was this video from Politico that finally convinced us that this was going to be a project that could be fun:

    Just because Katherine Kennedy couldn't get her reality show based around D.C. Socialites (Blonde Charity Mafia) officially off the ground, doesn't mean we aren't curious to see what kind of $40 outfits she manages to pull off at charity events.  Andrea Rodgers and Pamela Sorensen's views on their social escapades being "A lot of hard work that we have to do....This is a profession" seem to bode well another group of characters we've tended to give attention to.

    "There's so many given things going on in Washington on a given night. Tons of pictures being taken." Says Pamela.

    "All of that pagent training really helps me out." Chimes in K Street Kate

    We get it. There is a LOT of socializing going on in our nation's capital. And we want in on it.

    [photos via PMc]