Lazy Turnout For Occupy Congress Protest

by Sophie Pyle · January 18, 2012

    It's every party planner's worst nightmare: no one shows up. That's what happened yesterday at Occupy Congress, a protest that was prepared for 10,000 people but only attracted a laughable few hundred.

    The same thing happened at the Key Bridge protest, when more media turned up for the show than actual occupy protesters.

    I get that it's a bad economy. I get that many are underpaid and unemployed. It totally stinks for a huge majority of teens and twenty-somethings...

    ...but aren't there a few marketing majors in the Occupy crowd? Event planners? Aspiring politicos and campaign managers? Has anyone stepped up to coordinate contacts of the various Occupy blogs, tumblrs and twitters so people know about these things?

    It would have been amazing if 10,000 people showed up! Congress would have to react and all the major news outlets would have covered it, rather than laughed at the whole thing. Even Drudge made fun of you guys.

    Turn it around! There are opportunities here! Treat the occupy movement as a job, and that could mean a real job down the line!

    [Key Bridge demonstration]

    By the way, I am SO BORED with the occupy posters. And the painted cardboard. You know what would stand out? Light up posters. So 2012. You can get battery operated LED light strings for $10 and make a sign people will actually look at, and make the movement 24 hours.

    [In with the new]

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