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Music of the Hemispheres: A Live Music, Film, and Science Event

3. Music of the Hemispheres: A Live Music, Film, and Science Event A multi-sensory film + art + science extravaganza, the idea for which originates in the work of neuro-philosopher Dan Lloyd, whose research focuses on taking patterns found in brain activity and converting them into musical scores. These scores are not biofeedback or music cognition experiments, but rather, they extract the “architecture of consciousness,” as it occurs in the brain, and assign its varying components musical tones. The result is musical scores meant to reflect brain activity itself. Through this, Lloyd found that recognizable musical structures emerge, and he thus formulated a theory that consciousness operates within a musical structure—or rather, that music is an expressive interpretation of how our brains work. The evening will open with a short film, directed by Elisa Da Prato, who initiated the event and is currently working on a feature-length film examining Dan Lloyd’s Mind As Music theory. The short film will break down the various compositional techniques employed, the documentation of Chavez’s brain scans, and the premise of Lloyd’s theory. Details: Issue Project Room At the Old American Can Factory 232 3rd St Brooklyn, NY 11215 November 29 at 8:00pm [More info]

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