Women for Women

When women support each other, incredible things can happen. A truth so important to uphold, remember and honor in every small or big way it can be. In the spirit of sisterhood, we've partnered with European Wax Center, a brand championing women to be their most bold, confident selves, to celebrate sixteen truly extraordinary women. Each doing her part to support, empower and lift up her fellow females in an inspiring fashion.
Women For Women: 16 Inspiring Leaders Putting The Work Into Sisterhood
Zoë LePage
Latham Thomas
Daniella Pierson
Dee Poku
Dayle Haddon
Violet Gaynor
Liz Dee
Rachel Sklar
Shannon McLay
Sterling McDavid
Ashley Wu
Nicole Berrie
Jennifer Justice
Aileen Lavin
June Diane Raphael
Amanda Smith