In the fast-paced world of marketing and communications, "connection" is king. And no one knows that better than industry guru Lisa Smith. A New Yorker by way of New Zealand and Australia, Lisa has made connections across the globe as the founder of The PR Net, an innovative platform and membership network that serves as an essential resource for industry insiders. 

And let's just say it's not your typical networking platform. The PR Net brings some of the industry's leading figures together for exclusive events and informative panels, while supporting the next generation of young stars in their field. Since launching the company in 2015, Lisa has helped foster an organically growing community of influential entrepreneurs, marketers, publicists, and media professionals in New York and beyond, changing the industry landscape for the better.

Following The PR Net's recent Future Focus Conference, we chatted with Lisa to learn how she manages to do it all in style—and where we can find her when she's off the clock.

[Photos courtesy The PR Net]