Christine Chiu has been stealing the show since before snagging a starring role on Netflix's instant hit series, Bling Empire. The couture-clad Queen Bee's (literally) dynastic reign over L.A.'s high society scene has earned her a reputation as the haute hostess with the most. And if you remember her totally over-the-top Lunar New Year party as seen on the show's first episode, you know that when it comes to throwing a party, Christine also does the absolute most. Like, in the most fun, glamorous way possible. Who else could close down Rodeo Drive and bring Chinatown to Beverly Hills?!

But even the most lavish affairs have meaning, as Christine knows better than most. Behind all the opulence of that blowout Chinese New Year bash? A long-awaited celebration of family following the birth of her son, who we all know as Baby G. 

Now, after a year of putting in-person socializing on hold, we're acutely aware that a party is more than just a party - it's a way to reconnect with friends and loved ones, to show people you care about them, and to breathe a sigh of relief together. As we look towards brighter days and the hopeful return of our social lives, let's just say we'll never turn down an invite again. Or, for that matter, the chance to throw a fabulous fete of our own. 

From her party-hosting secrets to how to make moms feel special in time for Mother's Day, click through for Christine's ultimate guide to celebrating, well, everything!

[Photos courtesy Christine Chiu]