Daniella Pierson

by Christie Grimm · October 24, 2019

    As if being Founder and CEO of cult content favorite The Newsette wasn't enough, a platform that highlights ambitious women across all industries and their stories of success (which, might we add, she started in as a sophomore in college!!!), Daniella Pierson has most recently launched an uber exciting, co-branded newsletter with Diane von Furstenberg called “The Weekly Wrap.” A true story of becoming the women you admire. So yeah, we think it's safe to say she's worthy of a Newsette feature herself!

    Who inspires you?
    I am inspired by any woman who fully takes her future into her own hands. 

    What do you hope to inspire in other women?
    I hope to show other women that success at a young age is possible, and inspire them not to believe that their voice doesn’t matter just because they might be the youngest person in the room.

    Is there an example you can share of how another woman has lifted you up?
    My mother has never stopped believing in me, even when it was hard or impossible to do so. I could have never gotten as far as I have today without her unconditional support, and I want to provide that to others, if I can. I am a big believer that the people who make it are those who don’t give up, so if I can be a source of encouragement for others to keep going, that is my idea of success. 

    How has confidence played a role in your life? 
    I attribute every part of my personal and professional triumphs to finding the confidence to ask for the deal, and to voice my opinions to others who might have many more years of experience.

    What's the best part of your job? 
    The best part of my job is being able to spotlight and give a platform to incredible women who deserve it.

    What are you most proud of? 
    My proudest achievement has been building a company that so many incredible brands I use and look up to have wanted to work with, such as Bumble, Ulta Beauty, DVF, and LinkedIn. 

    What has been the most useful advice you've received?
    The most useful advice I have ever received is to use less words, because some of the shortest sentences can have the most impact. 

    What is the best advice you'd like to offer other women? 
    I would advise others to never give up on their mission or dream, even when the entire world thinks you’re crazy. Crazy ideas change the world.

    What is your motto or mantra? 
    “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

    What are you most excited for next?
    In many ways, although I’ve been running The Newsette for five years, I feel like my journey has just started. That path — and building a team of even more people who believe in me and our mission — is incredibly inspiring and humbling to me.

    [Photo by Yumi Matsuo]