Aileen Lavin

by Christie Grimm · October 24, 2019

    Aileen Lavin is the CEO and Founder of the coolest club in Miami, The Emery. A co-working members club designed for women, this collaborative hub goes the extra mile, placing a real focus on helping members achieve success in their personal and professional lives through networking and programming.

    Who inspires you?
    My mother has always been my inspiration. For as long as I can remember, she has worked tirelessly to provide for our family, and to this day, she provides me with the motivation I need to reach my business goals. 

    What do you hope to inspire in other women?
    I hope other women look at my story and are inspired to take the leap and pursue their passion. The hardest part is committing and taking the risk. I want women to be inspired to go all in.

    Is there an example you can share of how another woman has lifted you up?
    My mom has always been my sounding board. In life, she has always supported my decisions. When I was struggling with the decision of whether to stay in real estate or embark on this journey of opening my own co-working space, my mother listened to my dilemma, offered her opinions, but most importantly told me that she would support me no matter what. Knowing I had her support gave me the confidence to take this leap.

    I want other women to know that they are not alone, and with a strong support system, you can achieve your goals. I truly believe that with the help and support from your family and friends, your entrepreneurial journey will be successful.

    I have always had the desire to be a part of something bigger than myself. Prior to opening The Emery, when our community was just an online forum, I saw first hand how simply being there for another person could have such a positive impact on their life, that I knew I wanted to grow this group into something bigger and be able to help women on a much larger scale.

    How has confidence played a role in your life? 
    While it may be cliché, confidence is the key to success. Doubting yourself only holds you back. Without confidence, I would not have been able to open the Emery. I am confident in who I am, and all of the positives that the Emery offers, which allows me to approach potential collaborators, speakers and women who can only add to our community.

    What's the best part of your job? 
    Meeting so many amazing women and helping them through their entrepreneurial journey. I have had the opportunity to meet so many incredible women since I have opened the Emery, and each new relationship has had a positive impact on my life. Having the opportunity to also provide them with tools they need to find their desired success is the cherry on top.

    What are you most proud of? 
    I am proudest of the community that I have created. The Emery is a collection of such a diverse group of women, who have all come together with common goals in mind, and who all truly want to help one another achieve their goals.  

    What has been the most useful advice you've received?
    “The worst thing someone can say to you is No.”  Many women are so afraid of getting turned down, that they would rather not try. You cannot be intimidated when someone seems uninterested, it is in this moment where you should take a step back and consider what is the purpose behind your ask, why is this person not interested? This will allow you to reassure yourself, build confidence and move on to the next person. It may take many No’s before you get your first Yes.

    What is your motto or mantra?
    “Keep going.” Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You must commit to your project and follow your passion, even when your exhausted & overwhelmed. Just always keep pushing forward, the positive outcomes will outweigh any struggle you go through.

    What are you most excited for next?
    I am most excited to see the growth of The Emery. What started as a get together of 40 women, that grew to an online community of thousands, transformed into a space of our own. The opportunities are endless and we plan to create more emery's around the South Florida area.

    [Photo courtesy Aileen Lavin]