Thursday, January 24 @ 6:30 pm
Invite Only

B Floral is a boutique floral and event design company dedicated exclusively to high-end events of any size. We host around 450 of the high-end corporate and social guests in NYC for a night of drinks, floral displays, and much more entertainment. Our guests are some of the most prominent people in various industries throughout NYC and beyond. This is our prime marketing event, and as the owner I spare absolutely no expense whatsoever in making sure to deliver a luxury, memorable event with the best vendors including lighting design, rentals, caterers, premier liquor distributors, photographers, gift bags, sponsors, etc. I am the name and face behind my brand - my theory is why would you throw a party to market yourself if it half-ass. I spare no expense on this one event and with plenty of experience in marketing and event management in the sports industry, along with a financial background and amazing education from Duke University - I guarantee that this event can not compare. Last year's guest continue to praise the quality and lavish features of the event - which has made my brand continue to stand out above many others, with media and clients. I have no doubt you will find this an event to cover and will be more than impressed. Please let me know what more information I can provide about myself, my brand/company, last year's event, this year's plans (perhaps invitation as well), etc. On a personal note, having grown up in the center of the private school world of Manhattan, and having been and continue to be involved in numerous charities, galas, major social events, etc. in NYC and the Hamptons. Going above and beyond is all I know personally and professionally.