These days, it's hard to imagine a beach day in the Hamptons without a cooler full of Montauk Brew Co. ales. The beers have turned into the unofficial drink of summer for New Yorkers, and have started a totally new #hamptons Instagram phenomenon. (Anyone remember the footsie humble-brag phenomenon of 2013?) 

All of this, of course, didn't happen overnight. It began nearly a decade ago, with three longtime friends in a basement in Montauk, simply brewing batches of beer to bring to parties. Fast forward now to summer 2017, and the founders - Vaughan Cutillo, Joseph Sullivan and Eric Moss - are celebrating the five year anniversary of their tasting room and brewery in the heart of Montauk. 

We went out east last weekend to figure out exactly how the boys behind the beer got the band back together, and turned their basement brewing operation into a national business right in their own backyard. 

[Photos by Yumi Matsuo]