The Jersey Shore's Pauly D's Baskin Robbins Commercial Is Awesome

by Chiara Atik · May 4, 2010

In what has to be the most glorious endorsement pairing in history, Paul D from The Jersey Shore is shilling for Baskin Robbins. And it's good, guys. It's so, so good.-

"Yo what up this is Pauly D right here, ready to mix it up with Baskin Robbins 31 below, so check it!"

The ad is actually a facebook application in which you can make your own DJ beats..

"...just like a 31 below made with soft serve and your favorite mixins. The result is a hot mix. Ready to make some noise? REEEEEEE-MIX!"

And then, the best part: As Pauly urges you on ("What are you waiting for? Beat up that beat!" he instructs), you can fiddle around with the DJ sounds while making the Pauly D avatar spout soundbites such as a robotic "Fist pump Fist Pump Fist pump" and "31 Below, yo."

If you leave the screen idle, as I did while writing this post, Pauly reprimands you with:

"I could do my hair in less time, let's go!"

This will keep you entertained for HOURS.